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        Hong Kong Companies & overseas companies   Registration through

        ? Regular licensed institution, credit guarantee

        ? Specially assigned person to handle the case, with peace of mind

        ? One stop international registration, comprehensive service

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        Bank account opening in Hong Kong / overseas

        ? Personalized customized enterprise service

        ? Quick appointment, easy to handle

        ? Strategic partners of several banks

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        Hong Kong / overseas trademark registration

        ? Professional trademark registration Consultant

        ? The registration certificate is authentic and reliable

        ? Professional services

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        Core services
        All kinds of services meet your requirements

        Hong Kong company

        Transparent cost, the whole process for your agent

        Standardize the management of customer archives and protect customers

        Bank account

        Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan & overseas banks

        Open an account quickly

        Overseas companies

        Zhuoying focuses on the registration of overseas companies

        Professional express company registration service

        Trademark registration

        Zhuoying global trademark professional registration

        Up to 95% success rate

        Overseas companies
        Recommend top quality registered companies to customers
        Registration process
        Provide professional registered company solutions for customers
        ABOUT US
        Enterprises with trustworthy customers
        Cheuk Ying is a professional China business consultant and a Hong Kong companies registration service provider. Established in the year of 2007, our company located at the busy commercial business district in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We have over 100 well-trained experienced staff. Our service and knowledge are well praised by our clients in Hong Kong, China and overseas. So & Ho, Certified Public Accountants, practiced in Hong Kong for over 20 years, is our long-term business partner.

        Contact us

        • Shenzhen cheukying




          Adress:Room 3609, jinzhonghuan

          international business building,

          3037 Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

        • Shanghai cheukying




          Adress:Room 1010, Shanghai Times

                      Square, 93 Huaihai Middle Road,

                     Huangpu District, Shanghai

        • Beijing cheukying




          Adress:Room 2301, block a, Tianyuangang

                      center,C2 Dongsanhuan North Road,

                      Chaoyang District, Beijing

        • Hong Kong cheukying




          Adress:5 / F, Hong Kong Trade Centre,

          161-167 des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong           

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